PocketExperts provides a unique opportunity to our members by opening the door to the knowledge, experience and insight of an elite team of experts.  These contributing experts offer open access to the entire body of knowledge used to guide businesses in the current business environment and far into the future. 

The primary advantage of joining the PocketExpert's family is that ability to access information which will enable entrepreneurs and business owners to efficiently work with professionals using their own professional teams or our experts through scheduled online live events, webinars at the time of your choosing, or direct contact. The value proposition is simple and clear!

For less money than one might pay for a single hour of professional time, our members have open access to hundreds of experts through the Pocket Expert's website and app for an entire year! The annual member enrollment fee is just $299! But wait, it gets better.

We believe the only way for change is to change your level of knowledge in any area of interest. In order to increase your knowledge you must participate. To encourage our members to get the most out of their membership experience, we invite you to regularly participate in our live events and webinars. Members will be able to review 12 webinars a year , one a month, for free. That is a savings of $1,188.00 to access the most expansive team of professionals and the base of business knowledge they bring to you for an entire year!!

Finally, the website is full of short videos that will guide you through the PocketExperts.Solution website and we will coach you on how to maximize the value of your subscription and details on how to use the available information to help you maximize your success!

Think of the power of knowledge, the ability to help you fulfill your dreams for you and your family.

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